Web Development Foundations uses the current standard of the three pillars of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to put students on track to become highly successful web developers. By the end of this course, students will be proficient in the three pillars, as well as have many exciting personal projects to take with them into the future. This course is situated as the perfect root course for all middle and high school computer science classes.



  • HTML: Learn the fundamental language that makes up the structure of all websites

  • CSS: Bring some style and artistic creativity to websites

  • JavaScript: The powerful language that adds logic and interactivity to websites and web applications

  • Fundamentals of web design: Learn how to plan and start building custom websites

  • Flexible projects: Projects that offer extensibility and creative custom design

  • The Capstone Project: Students create a personal portfolio site to show off their personal and professional work



  • Principles of the Cloud and the Internet

  • Global Impact of Technology on Society

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Computational Thinking and Creative Problem Solving