We prepare teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

I knew many [teachers] were anxious about going through this process and the difficulty of it, and whether or not their lack of programming skills would hinder them from being successful in this. After speaking with them at the end of the live training day and seeing 100% of them wanting to participate made me feel fantastic!
— Sonia Samaro | Miami-Dade Schools District Office



Launch Preparation and Start-up Training

This pre-training tutorial invites teachers to explore the power of virtual reality, emphasizes the need and impact that coding will have on our students, and showcases core navigation dashboards for the curriculum and program.

Onsite Training

The cornerstone of Mastery Coding is to ensure that teachers are prepared to thrive as effective coding facilitators. Designed by Teacher of the Year award winners, this live professional development training includes a comprehensive overview and support in all aspects of the Mastery Coding curriculum, platform, and student benchmarks for cross-curricular, project-based learning. Each participant will become a certified Mastery Coding instructor at the conclusion of the training.

Ongoing Support

Mastery Coding offers bi-weekly virtual trainings and Q&A sessions to help prepare teachers for upcoming curriculum benchmarks, address student challenges, and highlight goals and opportunities. Our expert team of Unity coding specialists is also on hand to answer all curriculum questions and offer additional troubleshooting solutions.

Multi-media Instructional Resources

Mastery Coding includes a wealth of online instructional resources to support your teachers - from short "how-to" videos on a variety of topics, to tips on best practices and student motivation - so that access to the information they need is only a click away.

Attentive Customer Support

Mastery Coding has ongoing coaching and support options that offer quick answers to any curriculum or technical challenges that arise; as well as virtual check-in opportunities with course developers and trainers. All training and support resources are available for the life of Mastery Coding.

Dedicated Curriculum Platform

Once certified, your teachers will have a dedicated curriculum platform that allows them to keep pace, monitor student progress, and assess benchmarks to ensure course completion and success.

Benchmark Coaching

Each course is broken into modules and lessons that meet a number of project-based benchmarks on the student pathway to Unity Certification. Our training team offers virtual consulting opportunities to prepare teachers to maximize student coursework and success. These virtual sessions are offered 4 times (1 hour each) over the semester course.